About Me.

Hello – my name is Ann Hogan and after more than twenty-five years working as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, I’ve made the decision to stop working in that capacity and do something different (but the same in some ways!).

I’ve moved around the country and lived in many different locations; this has given me an insight into human nature that has become ever more interesting over the years. People are much the same everywhere – they mostly want the same things from life, such as love, relationships, interests and (sometimes) family – but they often want them in different ways.

After a relatively short time I picked up on the fact that most people want to be recognised for who they are and, mostly, they want to be heard by others. Not many people like to be ignored! Being different can be a positive thing for some people but others hate to stand out from the crowd and long to be the same as their peers.

I recently worked on a private basis from my home on the outskirts of Lincoln. As an Accredited Counsellor with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, I worked to their code of ethics and hold a Master’s degree in Counselling Studies, gained at University of Nottingham.

I have also previously worked as a therapist in a GP surgery and other areas of the NHS, including counselling staff at a local hospital. In addition, I worked for nearly ten years in a large organisation in Lincoln, providing counselling for local government employees. Recently, as well as seeing clients privately, I worked as an Associate Lecturer at University of Lincoln, facilitating seminars on Psychotherapy with students.

My private practice was for individuals and couples to whom I offered a warm, confidential and welcoming environment in which clients could feel safe. Using a range of therapies, I endeavoured to meet each client’s needs, wanting them to feel supported during times when they felt particularly anxious.

When couples go to counselling, it’s a big step to accept that their relationship needs help and support to get back on track. However, I hope that with me they learnt strategies to enable them to overcome whatever was troubling them within the relationship.

My blog will be about the what matters to people, how they deal with their different issues and how they are affected by circumstances and others in their lives.

I hope that you enjoy reading them and find the topics as interesting and diverse as I do.